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The Faculty of Economics, Socio-Human Sciences and Engineering wishes to be part of the institutional system of higher education conforming to the demands of the region, corresponding to the standards of the future and transmitting the values of the European Union.

The aim of the training in economics carried out at the faculty is the training in Hungarian language of well-trained economists capable of developing and operating the economy, competitive also on the international market. The training carried out at the faculty focuses on specializations which provide the possibility of broad professional development and career not only in the regional and national labour market, but also in an international context. Besides professional knowledge, special attention is paid to developing skills and competences which play a crucial role in the professional careers of the graduates. The broad training in management, the development of communication skills as well as the formation and development of the interdisciplinary analytical professional view serve this purpose.

The primary objective of the training in humanities is teacher training in order to make up for lack of teachers of Romanian‒English in the Hungarian language schools of Szeklerland and Transylvania. Besides teacher training, during the three years of training the students also acquire professional knowledge required for the professions of translator, interpreter, literary secretary at theatres, newspaper editor, journalist and archivist. The experience of the recent years shows that the students graduating here perform well in these fields.

The academic staff of the faculty consider of utmost importance the practice-oriented training as well as the fact that the students and the business (the future employment) sphere should meet already during the university years.

Technical sciences are structured in two departments, within whose frameworks students can gain BA degrees in the fields of Industrial biotechnologies, Environmental engineering, Engineering in Catering and Agroturism and Food products engineering, and MA degrees on Sustainable biotechnologies. These departments employ an excellent working staff and students can earn their qualifications in well equipped, competitive laboratories.

The Department of Social Sciences which works with a very young and dynamic staff, runs two BAs. Our students are able to deepen their studies in an applied manner in the case of sociological field works and within the framework of our faculty’s TV studio. After their BA, students are able to continue their qualification at the internationalized Communication MA or at the Sociology MA of the Corvinus University of Budapest which is hosted by our faculty. 

Being that  Sapientia – Hungarian University of Transylvania succeeded to fulfill all the Romanian accreditation agreements we are working on the preparation of further BA and MA options, both for the area of technical and social sciences.  Once these programs established, we are only one step away from building a PhD school, in accordance with the necessities of the Bologna system. At the present the teaching language at all program is Hungarian.

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December 2021