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The Library of the Faculty of Economics, Socio-Human Sciences and Engineering of Sapientia University in Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda) started its operation in 2001 together with the beginning of the first academic year. Being the University`s most important intellectual resource centre in Miercurea Ciuc, the Library`s main objective is to aid and assist educational and research activities.

The Library`s collection consists of more than 56 000 documents (books, CDs etc.). The collection is continuously growing through purchases and donations. The value of the collection is especially increased by donations of books representing the legacies of  outstanding personalities of Hungarian culture: Mihály Sükösd, Ernő Fábián, István Jákli, Mária Szent-Györgyi, André Kosztolany, Rudolf  Andorka, Béla Köpeczi,etc.

A considerable proportion of the Library`s main stock can be directly accessed in a large, modern reading room having comfortable seats for studying and computers for online scientific work. Here books are available through anopen-shelf system, placed into thematic groups according to UDC. The extra copies as well as other collections and lesser used books are stored in depositories. Thanks to the Hungarian Government more than 10 000 scientific journals are accessible online for library users.    





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