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Management and Leadership MA

Number of announced places: 20 tuition-free, 10 subject to tuition fee

The Management and Organization Master’s training of the Corvinus University of Budapest at the Faculty of Economics, Socio-Human Sciences and Engineering.

Name of Master’s specialization: Management and Organization

Duration of training in semesters: 4 semesters

Indication of qualification level and specialization that can be acquired within the Master’s training:

qualification level: Master’s degree (Magister, Master; abbreviated: MSc)

specialization: Economist in Management and Leadership

Aim of Master’s specialization, professional competences to be acquired

The aim of the Master’s program is to train professionals for enterprises as well as for the organizations of the public sphere who possess grounded and integrated professional knowledge in the field of management. Having acquired the necessary knowledge, they are capable of anaysing, planning and managing the work processes of the organizations of the competitive sphere and the public sphere. They are capable of recognizing, analysing and solving newly arising problems, while utilising the acquired categories of individual and organizational learning as well as their competences regarding innovation and creative thinking. They acquire adequate knowledge as regards the continuation of their studies within doctoral/PhD programs.

The graduates of the Master’s specialization know

  •  the modern trends and results of the science and practice of management and organization;
  •  the methods of management and organization supported by modern informatics and know-how as well as their practical application;
  •  the methods of solving new phenomena and problems arising in the course of the functioning of organizations, as well as the methods aimed at their critical processing;
  •  the basic (functional) practical methods and solutions as well as the possibilities of their utilization in the field corresponding to the specialization of the training.

The graduates of the Master’s specialization are suitable for

  • recognizing and utilising adequate employment possibilities at the domestic and international labour market;
  • performing tasks of leadership after gaining practical experience;
  • forming – individually or as team members – professionally grounded opinions, preparing and making decisions in connection with the functioning of organizations;
  • fulfilling special spheres of work in possession of further knowledge corresponding to the specialization;
  • managing and operating own enterprises in possession of the acquired knowledge and gained experience;
  • critical evaluation of research results in the domain of the specialization;
  • continuous, life-long development of their knowledge, competences and skills.

Form of training

Full-time training (when making the timetable we take into consideration the work program of the already employed students).

Calendar of Events

October 2021