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Professors from Sapientia University also participate in the SimplexV4 project of Kaposvár University, supported by the Visegrad 4 Fund

Using Visegrad Fund’s support lead by Kaposvár University from Hungary want the universities to join the interactive online calculation providers community

The calculator, avoids the handy calculation, will be available not only online but even on smart phone and offline as well.  The consortium of economical universities from Prague, Bratislava, Katowice and Miercurea Ciuc lead by Kaposvár University from Hungary. The communication among the partners goes online throughout emails and free videoconference applications. They will use /used it on the birthday of Visegrad Fours, when the starting event will / took part. First they will personally meet at the final event at a scientific conference focusing on efficiency and responsibility of education next summer time.     

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