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The topics of the 2nd round of the SapiTour contest have been published

The 2nd round of the contest for those who have passed the 1st round of the SapiTour contestwill beheld on Thursday April 14th 2016. See the new topics below!

You can choose any of the topics. Once your team has chosen a topic, please notify the committee about your decision by email to until the 5th of April the latest.

The deadline for handing the written presentations on the chosen topic is the 14th of April. The 2nd round will take place on the same day,most likely in the afternoon,at the Miercurea Ciuc Faculty of Sapientia University. The exact time will be announced a few days before the contest.

We don't require a dissertation, only a 15-20 minute presentation given by the teams in front of a jury consisting of 5 persons, who will also ask some questions. The presentation material needs to be handed in to the jury.

The topics:

1. Borsec, the most beautiful health resort in Transylvania – measures for development

2. The tourist marketing of Sovata - brand ideas and advertising strategies

3. New models of using salty water in Transylvanian tourism

4. Király bath, Homoród Bath and ... (a third venue) - Applications of a creative vision to revive youth camps

5. A quest for Transylvanian castles and ruins - a realistic view of tourism

6. The hidden treasures of the mountains: developing a five-day tourist package in Radnai Mountains / Vlădeasa and Bihor Mountains / Retezat Mountains

7. From Oradea to Brașov - tours in Transylvanian towns, in an innovative presentation (developing a three to five day tourist package)

8. Modern camping tourism at the shore of a Transylvanian lake: services, programs and facilities

9. Szeklerland's tourist marketing: developing a brand idea applicable to the entire region

10. The Szekler village as a region-specific tourist product. The crossroads of village tourism and village organization

11. Possibilities for destination renewal in a chosen geographical region

12. Creating the concept of film tourism in the Carpathian Basin (e.g. The Land of Ábel, The Land of a Horse Merchant, The Land of Saul’s Son, etc.)

13. From Mariazell to Șumuleu Ciuc – pilgrimage as the invigorator of Christian culture – proposal for a plan

14. Creating a tourist advertisement video (no longer than 5 mins.) on either a place or a topic

15. Online or off-line tourist and map reading game - the presentation of the concept, which takes the player from one point to another, this making them acquainted with sights and opportunities in between.

16. Modelling a high level hotel service in Transylvania: services, design, sites, marketing, etc.

The presentations will be evaluated by the following criteria:

Creativity, innovative approach and the application of new ideas (10 points)

Realistic problem solving, marketing and financial feasibility in view of the social and economic realities in Romania (5 points)

The technical development of the solution, the setup of technical parameters (5 points)

The economic and financial development of the solution, the income and expenditure sums and the sourcing needs of the investment (5 points)

The geographical, historical and other relevant tourist knowledge base of the solution (5 points)

The use of specialized literature and other scientific sources (5 points)

The appearance of the presentation (5 points)

Total: 40 points

The evaluation will be held on the same day, and the winning teams will be notified in the evening.

The three best presentations will be awarded as follows:

The 1st prize: 1,500 lei

The 2nd prize: 1,000 lei

The 3rd prize: 500 lei

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions by writing an e-mail to

Accommodation is available in the Sapientia building on the 14th and 15th of April in 3 or 5 bed rooms. Please book your accommodation by the 4th of April by e-mail to the address above.

We wish you success!

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