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To be fashionable or to accept social responsibilities?

On Friday, the 22nd of April 2016 from 5 p.m.a presentation and discussion on diapering habits will take place at the Miercurea Ciuc Faculty of Sapientia University. The co-organizer of the event is Trezy, the Washable Diaper of the Csíkregion.  

The event is a commemoration of Earth Day, and we are focusing on the advantages of washable versus disposable diapers.

The issue will be approached from various points of view by the following speakers:

  • Dr. Csilla Albert - biochemist, university lecturer
  • László Csonta - the president of Green Szeklerland Society
  • Ágnes Márdirosz - actress
  • Dr. Laura Nistor - sociologist, university reader
  • Dr. Botond Ráduly - environmental engineer, university lecturer
  • Levente-József Tánczos - financial expert, university instructor
  • László Zólya - The manager of the Integrated Waste Management Plan and Execution Project of Harghita County

Some questions we are searching answers to are:

  • How many diapers does a child need?
  • Should I wash the diapers or throw them out?
  • Should we be trendy or observe social responsibilities?
  • Is buying diapers a serious financial matter for a family? How about for towns, counties or the country?
  • What happens with diapers that end up in the garbage?
  • Which kind of diaper would babies choose?
  • A diaper under the microscope – what does it contain?
  • What do today's mothers think about washing diapers?
  • What do all these mean on the level of society?

Everybody is welcome!

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