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Unity in Diversity – the Erasmus+ Project Continues in Lithuania

The Erasmus+ “Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: unity in diversity in the EU labour market” project was started in September 2016 and the project partners had their second partner meeting between 26 and 28 January 2017 at Vilnius Business College (Vilnius Verslo Colegija) in the beautiful Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

All the 9 project partners were present, including the project leader Croatia, with the other partner countries: Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania (represented by two delegates of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania), Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The agenda of the meeting was very dense: it included a very interesting lecture and workshop on Gamification Applied for Learning about game elements and game design techniques in the context of non-gaming,  given by the young and very talented lecturer Marius Kalinauskas. We then tried our hands to design games in the Moodle platform of the Project under the guidance of local lecturers and had a brainstorming session on how we can integrate gamification elements into our project module.

As the next stage of our project is aimed at creating case studies for the intercultural module revealing each country’s cultural specificities and on creating face-to-face tasks for the 6 hotel modules created in the previous project, the second day of the meeting was dedicated to these issues. Dr. Zsuzsanna Ajtony from Sapientia University presented the suggested structure of the intercultural module and, together with Dr. Ineta Luka from Turiba University, Latvia, conducted the brainstorming session on the F2F tasks. As new partners are present in this project, the translation work carried our by them was also discussed and former partners gave suggestions on how to solve some of the translation problems. The meeting was concluded with administration issues.

Our hosts also did their best to show the sightseeing and culinary facet of Vilnius. We had the chance to visit the most beautiful sights of the city: the newly reconstructed Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania with an amazing 3D performance of the long ”life” of the palace, but also the old city. We also tasted some typical Lithuanian dishes, such as the “cepelinai”, the huge zeppelin-shaped dumplings stuffed with minced meat.

Together with our partners we spent three busy but great days in Vilnius and – though a lot of work awaits us – we are looking forward to our next meeting in Riga in April 2017. Many thanks to the Lithuanian partners for the perfect organization!

Dr. Zsuzsanna Ajtony and Zsolt Garda

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