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Human Resources

Number of announced places: 10 tuition-free, 15 subject to tuition fee


An HR specialist’s work is mainly related to communication. Main tasks: designing an organization's workforce, in number and composition, designing and analyzing the tasks performed by employees of the organization, employment contracts, familiarizing new employees with the organization, evaluating the training needs, designing and organizing the employees training, designing the salaries and benefits system, drawing up discipline of work regulations, keeping in touch with recruitment agencies and training and development organizations, etc..

Graduation program provides licensees employment opportunities in the following areas: the as sociologist, research assistant in sociology, anthropology and demography, teacher, specialist in local social issues, professional development specialist, labor market analyst, payroll systems specialist, expert in developing community relations, public administrative advisor, counselor on workforce and unemployment issues, career consultant, competency evaluator, workforce reviewer and controller, recruitment specialist, expert in labor relations.

Thus, employment opportunities encompass very broad palette, as HR specialist functions can be found in HR, marketing and public relations departments of various public institutions (schools and educational institutions, labor-related institutions, public authorities), companies (all successful companies have an HR specialist) or non-profit organizations, as an expert, analyst, consultant, or controller.

This specialty is recommended for you, if:

  • you like working with people
  • you want to know the secrets of an effective teamwork
  • want to learn how to effectively motivate employees in an organization

Job opportunities:

  • training coordinator
  • HR manager
  • organizational consultant

Did you know…?

  • any successful organization or institution has a human resources manager
  • teambuilding is one of the HR methods
  • several new HR functions appear every year

Main subjects:

social psychology, career counseling, labor law, organizational sociology, public relations management, human resources

Componence of admission grade:

  • oral exam: personal interview, exclusive
  • file-based exam: high school graduation exam average– 100%

In case of equal points, the highest mark obtained in one of the subjects close to the elected specialization will be decisive.

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