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Agroalimentary Economics

Number of announced places: 20 tuition-free, 10 subject to tuition fee 

Description of specialization:

It is well known that the human resource potential in the field of agroalimentary qualification is not sufficient, since more than half of those working in this field do not have a proper tertiary qualification. Besides, the professionals qualified in agricultural economics also play an important role in accessing the supports provided by the European Union. The students graduating this specialization will dispose of extensive knowledge in the field of agroalimentary economics, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, management, trade, law and European integration.

We recommend it to you if...

… you would like to find employment in a rural settlement, where there is great shortage of agricultural economists;

…you would take part in accessing and professionally utilizing supports in regional development provided by the European Union;

…you would like to run your family farm at a professional level in the future.

Did you know that...?

With the Erasmus scholarship you can do part of your studies at universities abroad.

You can read our students’ reports here.

Employment possibilities:

  • Agricultural Consultant
  • Private Farm Manager
  • Economist
  • Corporate Farm Manager
  • Regional and Rural Development Specialist
  • Program Officer (at public institutions, NGOs, enterprises)

Major subjects:

  • Micro- and Macroeconomics
  • Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Policies
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Environmental Protection

Duration and form of training:

3-year full-time training

Composition of entrance examination grade:

the average of secondary school leaving examination – 100%

Useful information

Enrollment period: 

Venue of enrollment: Miercurea Ciuc, P-ța Libertății Nr. 1.

Entrance examination enrollment fee: 50 RON

Announcement of results:

For the academic year 2015/2016 we offer 20 places tuition-free and 10 places subject to tuition fee together with the specialization General Economics. (The sum of tuition fee is 250 EUR per year.)

Calendar of Events

December 2021