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Communication and Public Relations

Number of announced places: 16 tuition-free, 34 subject to tuition fee


The main purpose of the undergraduate program in communication and PR, launched in 2003, is the formation of communication specialists familiar with the institutional environment of the society, economy, media and civil sector.

The three years basic training is both rich in theory and practice-oriented. The purpose of the theoretical training is that students acquire a culture of the basic social sciences, with which they can interpret the various social phenomena.

Besides the acquisition of basic knowledge in the social sciences (communication theory, cultural anthropology, sociology basics, political science, IT, Introduction to social research), students can acquire specific knowledge in marketing communications and media (PR management, writing commercials, editing TV programs and radio, PR campaigns, publications, PR), which provides specialized training and prepare students for advancement to master courses. Besides this, we focus on developing students' communication skills, and the acquiring of specific persuasion, argumentation, public speaking and presentation techniques.

Practical training is also a priority during the three years the familiarization of students with the practical side of the profession is provided through internships, workshops, summer school, practice in the TV studio, seminars based on teamwork and practical field projects.

Our licensees have good opportunities to find jobs in various companies, government and cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, media and advertising agencies, as well as event organizers and spokespeople.

This specialty is recommended for you, if:

  • you like to organize events
  • you are interested in how a brand is build, what does image mean, and what elements it contains
  • you want to know how you can achieve your goals through effective communication

Job opportunities:

  • journalist, reporter
  • anchor
  • spokesperson
  • event organizer
  • PR manager
  • advertisement specialist

Did you know...?

  • each campaign’s success depends on communication
  • we have our own TV studio, where our students can practice
  • sophomore students can choose between specializing in media or in advertisements

Main subjects:

PR management, TV and radio programs editing, commercials writing, mass communication, media ethics, rhetoric, semiotics, PR campaigns, crisis communication, information society, communication law, editing techniques, communication theory, anthropology

Bachelor title:

licenţiat în ştiinţe ale comunicării – comunicare şi relaţii publice

Componence of admission grade:

  • oral exam: personal interview, exclusive
  • file-based exam: high school graduation exam average– 100%

In case of equal points, the highest mark obtained in one of the subjects close to the elected specialization will be decisive.

Calendar of Events

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