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Engineering and Management in Catering and Agrotourism

21 tuition-free places and 9 tuition fee places

Tuition: 250 EUR/year


In Romania, only the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania provides an undergraduate program in engineering and management of public alimentation and agrotourism in Hungarian language.

The main purpose of the undergraduate program in engineering and management of public alimentation and agrotourism is to provide a solid base based on the knowledge of biology, engineering, food and economics.

Due to this knowledge, the engineer-manager can carry out the organization and management of touristic and public alimentation, as well as agricultural units, the capitalization of agrotouristic resources, development of touristic offer, and can also perform consultancy or project management tasks.

This specialty is recommended for you, if:

  • You have managerial skills, and like concrete, precise things
  • You see opportunities in rural areas and you are  concerned in the rural development
  • The wellness tourism interests you, and you consider it a good investment

Job opportunities:

  • tourism manager
  • head of an agro-or ecotourism unit
  • hotel or restaurant manager
  • product development engineer
  • product analyst engineer
  • business and market development manager
  • investment manager
  • procurement specialist

Did you know...?

  • on agrotourism, Transylvania is the most developed countries
  • Professor Dr. János Gundel, the grandson of the inventor of the Gundel pancake, teaches students gastronomy lessons

Main subjects:

mathematics, economics, management, corporate finance, marketing, microbiology, food safety, human resources management, business planning, process control, hotel management, gastronomy, eco-tourism, land development

Bachelor title:

inginer – inginerie şi management în alimentaţie publică şi agroturism

Componence of admission grade:

  • oral exam: personal interview, exclusive
  • file-based exam: high school graduation exam average– 100%

In case of equal points, the highest mark obtained in one of the subjects close to the elected specialization will be decisive.

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