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Environmental Engineering and Environmental Protection in Industry

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Nowadays, environmental protection and environmental management have become areas of global importance, therefore requiring environmental engineers, who are familiar with the environmental issues as well as with the prevention and treatment methods.

The main goal is to train environmental engineers who, in possession of an advanced technical and natural sciences knowledge are able to discover and analyze the environmental hazards and pollution sources, to design methods for neutralizing them to apply technical solutions that favorable environment. At the same time, this undergraduate program provides the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to prevent environmental pollution, to undertake the tasks of waste management and recycling, water management, air and soil protection, etc..

Licensees of this program can be employed as environmental consultants, in the environmental damage control, as well as industrial systems engineer, heads of production or laboratory, can find jobs in local or specialized environmental authorities, design and / or production companies, as well as at water waste or management companies.

This specialty is recommended for you, if:

  • you love nature and are you interested in the environment 
  • you want to know how the environmental effects can be measured and neutralized
  • you mind what happens with the waste, and how it can be recycled

Job opportunities:

  • in remedying environmental damage
  • at waste water treatment stations
  • as industrial processes engineer
  • as production manager
  • environmental consultant
  • head of laboratory
  • expert in environmental protection, environmental scientist

Did you know...?

  • We have been on field practice trips in the  Retezat National Park, and the deepest cave in Romania (Tăuşoarelor Cave, -413 m) 
  • We study "oil-consuming",  bacteria which can disintegrate soil stains

Main subjects:

chemistry, mathematics, ecology, biology, environmental microbiology, operations management, environmental biotechnology, soil, water, air and waste management,  process planning, information technology and GIS technology

Bachelor title:

inginer – ingineria şi protecţia mediului în industrie


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