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Food Products Engineering

Number of announced places: 22 tuition-free, 18 subject to tuition fee 


In Romania, only the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania provides an undergraduate program in food engineering in Hungarian language.

During the study period, a certain amount of knowledge is taught, based on which our licensees become familiar with the economic production and preservation of traditional and modern food, adequate in terms of food security, health and nutrition, being familiar with the technological processes, production organization requirements and the development of the products.

Among the subjects taught, a special emphasis is placed on teaching specific basic material, and the practical training takes place in modernly equipped laboratories.

Those who follow this undergraduate program can capitalize the knowledge gained in various food processing units in the region, in public or private companies.

This specialty is recommended for you, if:

  • you want to know how various foods are prepared
  • you have ideas of design and production of new food products
  • you give importance to a healthy nutrition
  • you want to see how the food industry machinery is designed
  • you want to understand what components listed on food labels (guar gum, emulsifiers etc.) mean
  • how can artificial preservatives be replaced

Job opportunities:

  • food technologist, head of production
  • Consumer protection expert
  • Food safety specialist
  • manager of your own food production company
  • research engineer in food quality
  • high school teacher

Did you know...?

  • as a student of the food engineering program will be able to produce dairy, beer, bakery and meat products in the laboratory
  • microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, molds) are essential in the production of many food products
  • you can do internship in companies in the food industry in the country and in Europe (within the Erasmus program)

Main subjects:

chemistry, mathematics, biology, microbiology, physics, information technology, food technology (fermentation, dairy products, meat, milling and bakery, extraction), food safety, food adulteration, food additives, operations, bioreactors, process analysis

Bachelor title:

inginer – ingineria produselor alimentare

Componence of admission grade:

  • oral exam: personal interview, exclusive
  • file-based exam: high school graduation exam average– 100%

In case of equal points, the highest mark obtained in one of the subjects close to the elected specialization will be decisive.

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May 2021