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Genetic Engineering

Number of announced places: 21 tuition-free, 4 subject to tuition fee


The undergraduate program in genetic engineering comprises techniques aimed at achieving targeted, broad modifications of the genetic material, thus artificially transferring genetic information from a living being to another.

Genetic Engineering is the integration of molecular biology, microbiology and technical sciences, with which we can modify an organism’s qualities, and then employ these in the industry, or for other purposes. Nowadays, we are witnessing a revolution in molecular biology, whose applications extend in the industry, agriculture and medicine. The undergraduate program prepares experts who can address these challenges.

This specialty is recommended for you, if:

  • you are interested in how to genetically modified organisms are produced
  • you are interested in the way in which the DNA-based paternity tests are carried out
  • you watch the CSI TV show, and you would like to do similar laboratory work

Job opportunities:

  • researcher in a clinical or forensic laboratory
  • biotechnology engineer
  • researcher in the pharmaceutical or food industry
  • head of laboratory

Did you know...?

  • the most effective vaccines are those based on DNA
  • fuel producing algae can already  be cloned
  • automated genome handling was invented by a student

Main Subjects:

molecular biology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, in vitro techniques, cell culture, molecular genetics, metabolomics

Componence of admission grade:

  • Graduation - 100 %

In case of equal points, the highest mark obtained in one of the subjects close to the elected specialization will be decisive.

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December 2021