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World Literature and Comparative Literature – English Language and Literature

Number of announced places: 16 tuition-free, 14 subject to tuition fee 

Description of specialization:

We recommend the specialization World Literature and Comparative Literature – English Language and Literature to those who are generally interested in literature and would like to improve their knowledge of English as well. The specialization offers a possibility for them to be familiarized with world literature in their mother tongue and at the same time to extend their knowledge of English language and literature. We welcome students who like reading and sharing their related thoughts with others in a professional way and who feel that they would like to turn this pastime into a living.

We recommend it to you if... have a good sense of language;

... you would learn foreign languages with pleasure;

... you like reading literature and you would share your related thoughts with others in a professional way;

... you find interest in English language and culture.

Employment possibilities:

  • Teacher of English Language and Literature
  • Librarian
  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Literary secretary
  • Journal editor
  • Journalist

Did you know that…?

There is a need of well-trained teachers of English and translators in Szeklerland.

Major subjects:

- History of World Literature, History of English, Romanian and Hungarian Literature, English Language, Romanian Language, Hungarian, Latin (German) Language, General Linguistics, Literary Theory, Drama Theory, Narratology, Literary Comparatistics, Aesthetics, Mythology, History of Mentalities, Anthropology, Iconology, Translation Theory, Folkloristics, Educational Psychology, Pedagogy, Methodology, Word Processing, Cultural History.

Duration and form of training:

3-year full-time training

Useful information

Enrollment period: 

Venue of enrollment: Miercurea Ciuc, P-ța Libertății Nr. 1.

Entrance examination enrollment fee: FREE

Announcement of results:

For the academic year 2020/2021 we offer 16 places tuition-free and 14 places subject to tuition fee.

(The sum of tuition fee is 250 EUR per year.)


Calendar of Events

December 2021