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Rafal Smoczynski: The role of the intelligentsia habitus in the upward mobility of Polish migrants in the UK

2018. november 6-án, kedden, 10 órától vendégünk lesz Rafal Smoczynski az Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences oktatója, aki nyílt előadást tart. Az esemény helyszíne az egyetem 2-es terme.


This paper considers the upward mobility of UK Polish migrant workers by introducing a Bourdieusian habitus perspective. Drawing mainly on the interview data it was inquired whether the intelligentsia habitus understood as an example of embodied or learned „social expectations” concerning the position in the social hierarchy provides Polish migrants with the motivational scripts for learning and innovating in the labour market. It was found that the intelligentsia habitus can legitimize successful jobs seeking strategies of some respondents. However, this paper also notes that a significant number of analysed respondents were unable to mobilize cultural capital resources and remained in a vicious circle of long hours of monotonous factory work that has created an additional constraint complicating their learning/innovating capabilities.


Rafal Smoczynski is a sociologist, associate professor at Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. His research interest focuses on social control, migration, social theory, Central European intelligentsia, economic sociology. He acted as a guest lecturer at e.g. Dong Hwa University and Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Recently he co-authored a monograph “Totem inteligencki. Arystokracja, szlachta i ziemiaństwo w polskiej przestrzeni społecznej [The intelligentsia totem: aristocracy, nobility and gentry in the Polish social space], Warszawa: Scholar, 2017 [with Tomasz Zarycki]




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